Switzerland and the United States of watch Cade Long Dream Shop grand opening

Switzerland and the United States of the Shanghai Hongkou table Cade Cloud Nine storesThis steady stream of Shanghai metropolis, sporting a deposit inclusive, contending the breadth, depth also has its own security Shanghai culture, ancient and modern forms a symbiotic coexistence of traditional and modern city label.Shanghai open but self-contained style, as the Swiss Mido in the tradition of the long history of heritage and cultural heritage of traditional Swiss watchmaking, but also the modern fashion inspiration integrated into the watch design and build. “Confirms eternal inspiration, “Mido with its timeless design inspiration to create enduring beauty, shine in the flux of time.Japan held the eternal beauty and reliable quality, let Mido and Shanghai Culture sympathetic, Shanghai and grace of each other.

Mido third store select Cade settled in Hongkou Dragon Dream, is also the hope that its watchmaking philosophy – timeless design inspiration to create enduring beauty – the ability of modern life through the heart of the city of fashion landmark in Shanghai communicated to more people and tourists.The warm debut Shanghai Hongkou Cade Cloud Nine Mido stores, low-key black as the main colors, the beauty of its unique orange decorated with warm colors lit the passion and people Replica Omega for a time the pursuit of precision of expression, so that every customer support and love Mido felt spring fills the air, and feel the beauty of the legendary watch together.

In the store, the beauty of well-presented design aesthetic, so that every table people love to shop to hang around here at this time, can feel inspired to bring their own fun, confirms the eternal time.

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