Ira’ ruin father the first time of Kohinata Fumiyo! The attractions of the disaster movie “Survival family”?

The challenged squarely in such was not likely theme, Shinobu Yaguchi supervision.So far in the “Water Boys” (2001), “Swing Girls” (2004), “Happy Flight” (2008), “Robo-G” (2012), and the like, movie tickle the audience of curiosity in their own point of view the’ve been taking.The Yaguchi director “survival family”, which worked on the draft, written and directed by, especially in a one family, or electricity happens to people when they are no longer, it is the movie to think how Once Ikinukeru of.
● What if electricity can not be used even battery occurs?

Hero Yoshiyuki dad Suzuki Suzuki house of head of household to live in Tokyo (Kohinata Fumiyo).Mom-Mitsue of housewives (Eri Fukatsu), reticent son, Kenji (Yuki Izumisawa), smartphones are all the daughter Yui (Wakana Aoi) and apartment living.

One day, an emergency occurs in the Suzuki home.Morning happened When the TV and refrigerator, electric appliances just do such as a personal computer to smartphone, gas, Best Replica Carrera 1887 Watches I, all things that require electricity until the battery had completely stopped.
Because it does not move even elevator while anger Stink to this phenomenon, Dad headed to reluctantly stairs down station, know that the train also car also not moving all the buses.Furthermore finally reached the company also all left the company early not electricity through.I thought it would become somehow even one or two days while Ibukari and what happened, apparently this fuss does not stay in the mere power outage uproar.Even after a week electricity is also cut off information without having to return, now, without being able to grasp be what is happening in the world, in addition to the house as well Suzuki house begins to suffer from food and water shortages.Finally we decided to evacuate to the Kagoshima mother of his father (Akira Emoto) live.
Firm forecast what happens when electricity is lost
 Fittingly! Highlights Survival life that begins from here.If celebrating the cash needs and the bank, ATM is not functioning, long line before the bank.Since the train also not be moving bus, also tentatively toward the airfield by bicycle, also it does not fly the airplane in arriving airfield.

People in front of a rice shop is overlooking the barter of the rice is to make a column, my father, who came with a Rolex also “will not be in the belly!”It is Monzenbarai with.Map to go by bicycle to Kagoshima want ….It there is no one in the store also toward the bookstore think so, shelf of the map is already nearly empty state.Finally only national map that was left is was in hand, whether such rough rely on Suzuki house map can reach up to Kagoshima? Out of the gate to the survival state of angry waves with.

Point is, would be depicting expected firmly what happens when electricity is lost.Without any features urban functions in Tokyo, including the inconvenience of a high-rise apartment elevator does not work, Looming one after another such things as described above.This state is usually, for us that do not even think that the electricity is lost, “I see, I see,” and only those to impress.
Yaguchi director as an opportunity came up trying to motif “Electrical is no longer the world”, include a large power outage that occurred in North America in August 2003. “I people was interesting views itself that over walking spread to the roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge.This project has had a conviction absolute Iker, “he said.

In addition, the scene in which Suzuki home runs on a highway in the bicycle, Best Replica Formula 1 Watches the case was taken without a like, “Is not that I thought Nante …… I wish I want to Omoikkiri ran a high-speed road bike ? To do that you should not do in the normal world, it is possible to go to a place that should not be done.An open sense of taste precisely because this movie, talking with I want to be tasted to the audience, “along with the Kazuya Suzuki.
Is the is drawn not just a disaster movie, family playback story
 Kohinata who played dad Yoshiyuki Suzuki role of hero since “Swing Girls,” “Happy Flight”, and after a long time of Yaguchi group participation.Yaguchi “not the most suited to survival, was wanted in Japan useless father” of the director literally that, the eventually to insanely bossy bad father the first time that can not do anything, and comedy also introduces the Dzuraneta.Its Fukatsu of mom-Mitsue role of full-time homemaker wife boasts outstanding acting skills from serious to comedy, he plays the mom hardiness also with nonchalant comical atmosphere in this movie.

This work is at first glance, but is showing signs of disaster movies (disaster movie) to be hit by such a disaster and catastrophe, it is playing the story of the Suzuki family going drawn firmly in the shade.As noted at the beginning, the children quiet a smartphone is or was all.Mom will not even be able to judge the fish sent from the grandpa of Kagoshima, dad do not really try to take a decent communication and children only mouth.Even lived in such together, somewhere incongruous was the Suzuki house, I want to also focus on whether to show me the last to what smile through the survival life.

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