The new G-SHOCK series color set off a storm

They say black and white ash is the eternal classic trend, the status of irreplaceable.But this summer, the trend has severely hit the color into the center position of the major trend of the area, a variety of a variety of exciting match, we were all in this together in the summer bloom.
Whether clothes or jewelry match match, as long as the creative vision, it can Dachu unique personality style.G-SHOCK season the classic GA-110HC series and GD-100HC series of high pushed to another level, playing this season’s most popular hit color elements, swept past stable bond style, color jumping driven endless pondering, colorful.
GA-110HC-6ADR in bright yellow strap as purple as the main color dial, coupled with dazzling red rose for color, three different feel, a different color palette bring a strong visual impact, pointer and backlight green, all are bright spots.Because of three primary colors very different for GA-110HC-6ADR laid the “absolute personality” basis, not only can you increase the interest on the match in their daily lives, but also with excellent sports performance, allowing users to surf in all types of sports, and has become a touch of eye-catching landscape wrist.
As powerful GA-110 family members, GA-110HC-6ADR fully functional, sufficient to meet the daily needs and a variety of sports occasions.Classic shockproof big dial your sweat best friend, LED automatic lighting, magnetic, accurate to 1/1000 second Best Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 watches Swiss Imitation Joaillerie 101 With Quality. function, waterproof 200 meters, world time for 48 cities, countdown, automatic calendar and other powerful signs also all available.Powerful features, combined with the strong impact of the three color, GA-110HC-6ADR in a matter of course become the focus of new products, the most suitable for the young and trendy users to choose.

Another GA-110 series masterpiece GA-110HC-2ADR, a fresh sky blue color, coupled with dial pointer and rose red, new and interesting match, but the small print] [PROTECTION yellow point cease whole dial match very complete, seamless.Sky blue and rose red has always been up to people choice, both match fresh, vibrant, coupled with the GA-110 series of powerful shock magnetically shielded, in the sports arena is definitely eye-catching choice.

GA-110HC-1ADR choose sedate black and blue as a dazzling match, although the color is not as good as the above two colorful Best Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Grande Reverso watches Swiss Imitation Grande Reverso With Quality. GA-110, but coupled with the blue dial automatic LED lighting, and instantly be able to subvert the stable surface become some dazzling scenery.Full-featured, plus a steady color choices, GA-110HC-1ADR more suitable for everyday wear white-collar workers, not only can provide powerful, more dull gray dress in black and white touch of bright spots.When the time came to sports, GA-110HC-1ADR you will be able to become the focus of gestures lies.
Another series GD-100HC also introduced new hit color, GD-100HC-4DR coupled with the most fiery red orange, the whole summer temperatures instantly improve; and GD-100HC-1DR in black and orange for the match, both of complement each other, so that more prominent eye-catching color.At the same time to maintain eye-catching appearance, GD-100HC series has granted a non-general of powerful features, superior LED backlight, shockproof, waterproof 200 meters, world time (48 cities), stopwatch (accurate to 1/100 of a second), Countdown , alarm, automatic calendar.User preferences digital watches, the new GD-100 hit color watch is the best choice.

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